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If you’re looking at selling your home, let me ask you this – why would you pay more in commission than you need to? A lot of people believe you “get what you pay for”, but do you?

In some cases yes, you do. But not when it comes to selling your home with a higher (traditional model real estate) commission. With myself and Tall Poppy, we look to bring you amazing service, premium results all for a fraction of the cost of the traditional model. This of course causes some rumors around Tall Poppy, so let’s check those out.

Here are some FAQS on myself and Tall Poppy:

FAQs about myself and Tall Poppy

Nope, not at all!

You may have heard your friends (or other agents) say that real estate is about what you make, not what you save. Well, that simply isn’t true – not with myself and Tall Poppy at least.  I take pride in the fact that I can save you thousands in commission and help you to get the best price for your property.  I’ll help you save PLUS sell your property for a premium. Win, win.

We sure do! That’s one of the best parts! We do absolutely everything that our larger, more expensive counterparts do (well, apart from window displays, but that’s a point I’ll get to later).

We offer you amazing free marketing, higher than average views on properties, as many open homes as you want, private viewings, market reports, vendors reports, we are in contact with you 2-3 times (or more if you want) per week, we adjust and modify marketing when needed – That’s why we have a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating!

This is just not true!

Just because a company has a large team that is national or even international, it doesn’t mean that the entire team is trying to sell your house at once.  That’s just not how real estate works these days, plus, NZ now limits the foreign buyers!

With the internet, buyers are off looking for themselves, scrolling through their phones – not relying on an agent to find them a property.

While some models are percentage based, this doesn’t really drive an agent to sell higher – and here’s why:

Imagine that an agent says that they will get you $20,000 more on top of your original selling price because they know they will get paid more to close the sale (and the selling price is set by the market, not the agent).

How much extra do you think that really is for them?

It’s a whopping $20 – $30, nothing more. Therefore, that doesn’t really motivate them.

Absolutely! In fact, My numbers on my viewings and my exposure has gone up (around four times as many views) since I used to work for a larger company.

Internet marketing means that any company, large or small, has the same exposure.  It’s how they utilise these new marketing methods that counts. So you could have a massive brand name doing zero marketing and getting you zero exposure.

When looking for a home, are you looking for a brand that is selling it, or the home itself? And where are you looking? Most likely Trade Me or right? So brand doesn’t really change exposure – it’s the agent and how they go about marketing your property.

On average, Tall Poppy agents sell twice as many properties than the industry norm. We work hard to sell your property, we know how important it is to you, and you’re not just another number. We hope that in the sales process, you trust us and confide in us like a friend. We want to help and look after the process and take as much stress out of it for you as possible – that’s what we do!

Having an office doesn’t really expose your property to more people – it exposes the brand to more people, but your property in their window display is hidden among tonnes of other listings. Usually when people browse these, they are waiting for someone or something – killing time, not actually actively buying.

This is also one of the ways we keep costs down – we don’t have to pay for rent, admin teams, printers – any of that! That means you save!

Not one bit! I actually love to negotiate, and have spent many, many hours training on how to do this better.

Our fees are lower because they are fair to you.  We don’t cut fees or drop fees and our lower fees certainly don’t mean that we can’t defend the value of your properly – far from it!

We make sure that our fees are set so you know what to expect.  They are not negotiable the way that the fees of other companies might be.

Our selling model is about making sure real estate is more affordable and more fair. The model needs to change – and charging $20,000-$40,000 to sell your investment property just isn’t fair to you. It’s your property, and your gains!

Nope! How good is that?

We offer you a full marketing package that takes care of the entire marketing process for you.  while this is a base, for some properties I will encourage some add-ons. Just letting you know and to be as open and honest as possible. If you want the base, it is amazing and will get the job done!

While this is true that on average Tall Poppy agents sell twice as many than the industry norm, we focus heavily on customer service and achieving premium results.

If we only cared about a quick sale at any price, we wouldn’t have the 99.8% customer satisfaction rating that we have. I pride myself on working a listing thoroughly, exploring every avenue to search for the right buyer who is going to end up owning the property, and making sure they pay a great price to do so. This doesn’t mean ripping them off, or bullying them – but being fair and negotiating hard with them for you.

Sometimes agents get a rap for bullying or pressuring their vendors to do things – I will never, ever do that to you. It is your property, and your choice. From start to finish, from marketing to accepting a deal.

If you want to price your property, great! Want to auction it, no dramas! Want to not have a signboard out front, that’s your call!

I will come with all the stats (including sales method clearance rates) and my recommendation, but I will never, ever try to convince you of one thing or the other. The sales process, while it is about making sure your property sells for a great price, it is also to make sure you’re as happy and stress free as possible. Whatever that might look to you.

If you have any questions that were not answered above, or if the above has raised any questions, please do feel free to get in touch via whatever means you’re most comfortable with. I’ll happily answer them!

Listing and selling with myself at Tall Poppy, you honestly have nothing to lose, but thousands to gain.

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